12 Days of Giveaways: Day 6

Dec 17 2012

The best thing about Monday–it’s Day 6 of our giveaway! Who wants to WIN $100 toward their wedding stationery from MagnetStreet? Enter below …

12 Days of Giveaways: from MagnetStreet


We just had our white elephant gift exchange at MagnetStreet. Belieber or not, here’s Brian–showing off his!

Brian the Belieber!

Enter Day 6 of Giveaway:

1. From work *white elephants* to family *cookie* exchanges, share your favorite holiday tradition.

2. Tell it like it is: What do you like/dislike about Truly Engaging? What do you want to see more of?



The Rules…

1. One randomly-chosen winner a day
2. A winner can only win once throughout the 12 days
3. Enter once a day

Great Elf quotes everyone … so funny!

Day 5 Winner: Congratulations Martha Rozynski!


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29 thoughts on “12 Days of Giveaways: Day 6

  1. My favorite tradition is hanging the advent calendar my grandmother made me when I was little. I’m 27 and I still use it!

    As for the website, I love the DIY ideas. It would be great if you could post more of those!

  2. 1. My family celebrates Hanukkah and our favorite holiday tradition is making latkes with my grandmother! It’s a huge group effort (all of the grandkids help) but man, they are delicious!
    2. I’d love to read about more cost-saving alternatives for weddings. Planning a wedding is expensive, so any help on saving money is much appreciated!

  3. I love white elephant gift exchange, Christmas Eve with my family, and Christmas breakfast at my mom’s… this year will be my fiance’s first Christmas with my family and next Christmas I will have his last name 🙂

  4. 1. I love driving around on Christmas Eve to see all the houses lit up.
    2. I use the resources category the most, and I never look at the real weddings category.

  5. 1. We watch the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol called “Scrooge” every Christmas Eve. Most of us fall asleep before the end.

    2. I like seeing photos from other people’s engagements/weddings. Gives me ideas! I also love to see the color combo examples.

  6. 1. As a kid I loved driving around our neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights and signing holiday tunes.
    2. Love the giveaways!

  7. 1. I love everything about Christmas. My mom always made it so special when I was a little girl and we still continue that feeling today. It is great, now that we are all older, to come together at my moms and be with my brothers. We all live far apart and Christmas helps bring us back together and remember how lucky we’ve been throughout the years. Merry Christmas Everyone!
    2. Truly Engaging is great. I love how there is something for everyone. No matter what you are looking for you can find something to help you out. The real advice makes a big difference when you actually start planning your own wedding!

  8. 1) I’m 32 and I still spend the night Christmas Eve at my parents’ house (this year, my fiance is joining me). Cocktails and finger food with family and friends before bedtime, and watching my nephew open presents Christmas morning…those are my favorites.
    2) Loving the giveaways! Anything that will pinch my wallet a little less is a huge help! Thanks!

  9. Going out for Chinese food Christmas Eve with my future in laws and brother in laws and spending Christmas Day doing dinner and gifts with my side of the family (all 21 of us)
    I like seeing photos from other people’s engagements/weddings. Gives me so many new ideas! Thank you!

  10. 1. I loved getting our xmas tree on my mom’s bday– which also happens to be Santa’s bday (if you’re Dutch like we are and celebrate it)! We also paint a new xmas ornament every year! My fiance and I painted our first one together this year!
    2) More giveaways and more discussion on marraige, not just the wedding?

  11. 1. I’m an early shopper, but I love going out on the day before christmas with my father and picking up a few last things. There’s truly something special in the air on the 24th!

    2. More diy plans and giveaways

  12. 1) having Christmas dinner with my familiy (aunts, uncles and cousins)
    2) more marriage tips and giveaways

  13. 1) My parents’ tradition of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve (with a rum eggnog in hand). I’m looking forward to starting a similar tradition with my husband-to-be.

    2) More photos from other people’s weddings/engagements.

  14. 1. My favorate tradition is an excuse to have a drink made entirely of suger, butter and rum (hot buttered rum)

    2. I love the giveaways and the inspiration I would like to see some DIY

  15. 1. Going to Christmas Mass, the adults staying up late to drink wine and frantically wrap presents, playing board games late into the night. I love Christmas time with the family!

    2. More DIY ideas and giveaways

  16. My new holiday tradition is exchanging baked goods with the girls at work.

    I love seeing pictures of actually peoples wedding and would like more of that.

  17. I love Christmas Eve!!! We have a “traditional” Swedish meal and then go to church. There is just something so special about the family time, hymns and carols before all the presents and craziness of Christmas day!

    I’d like to see more DIY ideas with directions and variations! It’s nice to have inspiration but I’d like to see the “how to” as well.

  18. 1) Seeing all my cousins and going to my Mommom’s house for her home made punch!
    2) The vast amount of options to choose from.

  19. 1. Playing board games after dinner. That gets CRAZY!
    2. I would love to see more real weddings, DIY, & destination weddings features

  20. I love the dirty santa. We bring a gift to add to the pile and can steal from each other. Its lots of fun to see who ultimately ends up with what gift.

    I love the website as a whole. Maybe adding more real stories of extraordinary stories of very day brides.

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