A Christmas Proposal, Ukulele & Splashy Save the Date

So, I realize it's not the Christmas season. But that doesn't matter when there's a fantastic surprise Christmas proposal story to share! Plus, with stellar engagement photos that are bright, lighthearted, and full of colorful zest ... it's really enough to brighten up your day any time of the year.

Fun California couple and MagnetStreet Weddings customers, Julie and Ray, shared their brilliant save the date and engagement photos with us {taken by Julie's photographer brother, Ernesto}. From running buddies eight years ago in beachy Santa Monica, to fast friends ... then fiancés,  we're so lucky to share yet another heart-melting story!

{Have I mentioned how much we *heart* our customers?}

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Save the Date

Here's their splashy Save the Date!
Julie designed her own with photos from their e-session and uploaded her design to a blank design template. {We have seen a LOT of couples upload their own designs recently!}

Ray and Julie met through her cousin at a birthday party eight years ago.
"We immediately clicked and danced the night away but we were both too shy to exchange our contact information. We happened to see other again 2 or 3 weeks after her party at another friend's get-together ... and he finally had the guts to ask for my number. LOL."

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Engagement Photo

They started as friends ... then running buddies, meeting every Wednesday night near the beach in Santa Monica.
"Ray considered those nights as date night but I just saw them as a friendly hang out. Every night after our run, we would stay and talk for hours about music and other random stuff until one night he blindsided me with a kiss ... and as corny at this may sound, my left leg folded back like how you would see in a romantic comedy ... Three months after we met, he made it official. He asked me if I wanted to take the relationship to the next level and if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes!"

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Engagement Photo

Seven years later, there was a surprise Christmas proposal in front of family!
He waited until the last gift was opened and mentioned he had one last gift for Julie. He came out with an odd-shaped box, and asked Julie to read the card on it first:"For Me, the best part of Christmas is being with you, leaving the rush behind and taking the time all to ourselves to just be together and do whatever we want to do... You're the most important person in my life, and this Christmas, I want you know just how much you mean to me. I wish for you to play me a song for the rest of our lives. Hope you love your gift"

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Engagement Photo

Julie: "(I forgot to mention I play guitar.) When I opened the box, I was overjoyed with emotion because he bought a ukulele! I was so excited and started playing some chords when my brother stated, 'Sis! I think Ray tied the pick on the neck of the ukulele!' So I glanced towards the neck of this instrument and noticed a beautiful engagement ring. I immediately began to cry from the excitement, the joy ... the nerves." 

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Engagement Photo

Julie and Ray's wedding is planned for next October! With a guest list of around 350, Julie is understandably overwhelmed with wedding planning.

... but as we get closer to the date and watching everything come together ... I can't wait to marry my best friend!

Christmas Proposal to Splashy Engagement Photo

Thanks so much to this lovely couple for sharing their save the date and story with us! Best wishes to Julie and Ray as they continue on their journey to happily ever after! xo

Photo credits: Nine of Hearts Photography by Ernesto Sanchez


I've read this twice already and I've cried both times. I love romantic stories. Julie and Ray I'm so happy for you two. I have the honor of knowing Julie for 12 years since high-school and she deserves everything in the world and more. I'm so bayou I get to be apart of your wedding day and cannot wait for your special day.

This was super cute!!! I'm so happy for you two and Julie I'm super to excited to have you as my Seester-in-Law (well you kind of already are my sister that I never had) October needs to come now!!!!!

I can't wait! This is absolutely beautiful! Congratulation cousin. You two are the cutest couple and wish you guys nothing but the best. I heart you both ?

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