Unique Ring Bearer Pillows & Alternatives

Mar 15 2009

Looking for additional ideas to the ring bearer pillow? Maybe something a little more modern and with functionality to boot?  Get your imagination rolling with these hand-crafted ideas from none other than those fabulously creative artisans at Etsy… {all images will link to their stores}

Gotta love this ring bearer keepsake {& functional} ceramic bowl that you can personalize on the inside AND reuse long after the wedding!

This gorgeous silk dahlia flower and grosgrain ribbon is a pretty alternative to the traditional pillow.

It’s reasonable that some may struggle with the idea of the traditional ring bearer pillow because~ well, what do you do with them after the wedding? I’m a woman who’s always thinking function and that’s why I’m loving this next damask pillow with red and black as well as the hand-embroidered pillow that follows.

Modern twists… and just gorgeous after the wedding as a bed or bedroom chair pillow

… a lovely reminder of your day.

Two lovebirds… another sweet ceramic alternative to the ring bearer pillow.  And, you could use the bowl as a keeping place for your jewelry at bedside or in the bathroom, etc.

This particular idea just might be my favorite and certainly for the couple that may want another way to honor a loved one at their ceremony.

A hand-crafted box with your loved one’s picture printed on it… and lined with velvet.

What do you think?  Any other thoughts for getting your rings down the aisle?


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5 thoughts on “Unique Ring Bearer Pillows & Alternatives

  1. @ Sarah~ something borrowed… awesome!
    @AmyJean~ of course… that is if your pet isn’t easily distracted 🙂

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