Vintage Romance

Dec 9 2008

Meet my paternal GREAT grandparents… David and Ida on their wedding day waaaay back on December 31st in 1907.  David, a musician was born and raised in Minnesota and Ida, a school teacher came over from Sweden.  Interestingly, Ida’s sister~ Anna was married to David’s brother~ Perry.

Sometimes, when I look at old photographs, it’s hard for me to imagine there was any romance at all going on.  Smiles are rarely captured and well, they usually just look uncomfortable.

But, there’s something sassy about the way Ida has her elbow propped on David.

I am privileged to have in my possession, Ida’s diary and a collection of her favorite poetry.  Her words, prayers, sentiments and poems (her seemingly favorite poet~ Edgar Guest) grace every page of her poorly bound books, filled with beautiful words on parched, brittle paper.  Many poems are in Swedish but I know they speak of grace, kindness, hope, wisdom, humor, family, romance, true love…

Here’s a cute poem she pasted in


Just a little more powder

To touch my smiling face,

A tiny dash of perfume

And then my dress of lace.

There now, I’m already;

I’ll turn the lights down dim.

Happiest moments of my life,

“Fixing up” for Him!

Here is a poem that Ida wrote.

What is love?

Not the selfish passion that demands everything and gives nothing.  Love is of the spirit, not the body.  Love believes no evil of the loved one, is quick to forgive, ever ready and happy to serve, not blind to imperfections but understanding them and sympathizing.  Love sees deeper than the surface and reads the soul.  Love is of God. His glorious gift to His children.

I love and am so grateful for these old, precious books… Through them, I am able to glimpse inside my great grandmother’s heart.  I just know we would have gotten on fabulously.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Romance

  1. @Carrie~ Heartfelt words never go out of style do they? Thanks for commenting.

    @Amy-Jo~ Thank you! I think this year for sure, I will have Ida’s books re-bound so that my daughter (and her daughter) will have them to read… how cool is that!

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