Wedding Bouquet Toss: In or Out?

Nov 29 2012


The wedding bouquet toss might be a timeless tradition but nevertheless, its popularity is waning. Should it stay for posterity’s sake or is this ancient practice seeing its last days?

Why do we toss the wedding bouquet anyway?
The bouquet toss is specifically for the single ladies at the wedding. It is said that whoever catches it will be the next to marry.

How did this tradition start?
In Medieval times, a bride on her wedding day was considered to have good luck–especially in the area of fertility. Because guests wanted some of that good luck for themselves, they would tear at her clothing so that they could get lucky too {so to speak}. So, in efforts to keep clothed and clothing in tact, brides began the clever distraction of tossing the bouquet. Guests got lucky and she kept her dress from being shredded. Win. Win.

Why the bouquet toss might be on its way out:
1. Some feel it’s an awkward and undignified tradition for all the single ladies.
2. Some feel it takes too much time to organize the toss–thus, taking away from the reception itself.
3. It’s a superstitious tradition and isn’t relevant anymore.
4. Possibility of injury as guests rush to catch the bouquet.

Reasons to keep the bouquet toss tradition alive:
1. It’s a fun tradition and guests expect it {especially older guests}.
2. It’s another way to get guests interacting out on the dance floor.

Alternatives to the traditional bouquet toss
1. Don’t single out the single ladies. Ask all the women {married and single} to participate.
2. Honor the longest married couple with your bouquet.
3. Honor your parents with your bouquet.
4. Honor your grandparents with your bouquet.
5. Throw a break-away bouquet {3 small bouquets tied together}. Tradition is kept and not only will the luck be spread around, there is less likelihood of someone getting hurt in the process.


So what do you think?

Should the bouquet toss stay, or go? Why?







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