Wedding Ceremony Arches, Canopies…

Aug 13 2009

Generally speaking, focal points are “designed” to command our attention.  And, they make for fantastic photography shots~ especially at the ceremony when ALL eyes are on you!

I think the key to achieving a beautiful focal point lies in borrowing from the natural surroundings {inside and out} and personalizing it with your wedding style!  Find below, images {that link to the source} for all types of wedding styles: rustic, garden, cultural, urban, outdoor vineyard… from dramatic to simple and each unique and lovely in their own right.

First comes love…  How stunning is this attention-commanding tree to say your vows under?

tree backdrop

The focal point here is in the center of this gorgeous oval room where the bride and groom are literally surrounded by their guests.  Formal, intimate and beautiful.

Oval room

This cultural ceremony takes place in the rotunda of City Hall where guests gather around the bride and groom for their traditional Persian ceremony.


Ahh, the simply beautiful Jewish “Chuppah” or marriage canopy…

Traditional Jewish

Lanterns with rose petals inside, dance with light and grace the glimmery tent top.

clear top tent

A sweet floral arch of roses…

floral canopy

Seasonal. Rustic. Vintage…

A vineyard setting with a pergola decorated with fall bounty and chandeliers. Quite lovely.


The gorgeous lake view background is a beautiful complement to the simply-draped wrought iron trellis.


Dramatic and colorful potted florals act as a pretty backdrop to this head table.

potted planters

This canopy has heritage significance in this interfaith ceremony.  The poles are draped with lace brought back from Ireland from the bride’s Grandma.

Irish Chuppah

How about you?

How will you be using a Chuppah, Canopy, Arbor, Arch, Trellis… at your ceremony or reception?


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5 thoughts on “Wedding Ceremony Arches, Canopies…

  1. Very pretty! I personally love the bamboo style w/ light fabric weaved through for a beach wedding! 🙂

  2. Absolutely love the one with the lake in the background! The simple wrought iron trellis is all the decoration you need with all that beauty around!

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