Wedding Etiquette: Uneven Wedding Parties

One less thing to stress out about during wedding planning ... wedding party symmetry.

There's so much to love about modern weddings. One contemporary concept I really like- is that it's not considered poor wedding etiquette for couples to have an uneven number of wedding attendants.  Modern couples don't have to feel forced into choosing between best friends or feeling obligated to ask someone to be part of one of the biggest days of their life, just to keep the sides even. If desired, it's ok to have two maids of honor, or two best men or an honor attendant {opposite sex} ...

With all of the creative ways to get down the aisle and take pictures, it is almost guaranteed to be interesting, fun and full of personality! Your photographer will know exactly what to do.


via Wedding By Color

via It's My Wedding Party

What do you think of uneven wedding parties?


Love it!!

Awesome!!!I love the first photo!!

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