Having an Adult-Only Wedding?

Aug 7 2014


Adult-only wedding wording

If you’re having an adult-only wedding, chances are high that you’re also having difficulty wording your wedding invitation. It’s a sticky situation–bound to offend some parents for sure.

When our writer Rachel was getting married, she went through this too and found it helpful to reason out the scenarios for her mostly adults-only wedding.

In her post, she talks about how to be courteous, clear and flexible with the wording. She gives wording examples, her own RSVP wording, and even wording for how to approach a guest that “pencils in” their children.

Kids are wonderful! But, they’re not always appropriate as wedding guests. Don’t feel guilty … wordsmith your way out of this sticky wording situation.

Check out the blog post for wording helps: 

* adults-only weddings
* mostly-adults only weddings
* RSVP wording
* wording to help when guests still RSVP their children




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