Wedding Invitation Fonts

Sep 21 2011

Fonts–they’re expressive and moody in a good way and in a very understated, clever sort of way too. The right ones will give your wedding invitation the finishing flair it needs to render the style and tone you want for your wedding. As important as color and custom wording, the most fitting fonts, can change the direction of your design from formal to casual or … to vintage or destination, etc.

Here are four fonts on the same invite design with each font giving off a distinct–albeit subtle–feel. From left to right:

#1) Formal & Fanciful. I used ITC Isadora Bold style on Robin & Michael. The fancy bold type gives off a stately look.

#2) Casual & Modern. Using Mary Helen on Robin & Michael, the open style of the type, feels contemporary & fun.

#3) Funky & Offbeat. With Bossa Nova style on the third, the feel is quirky and unique- perfect for a non-traditional couple.

#4) Feelin Jamaican. Love the chunky relaxed feel of Immi Five O Five on the last invite. Destination wedding anyone?

Which one is your favorite?

{click to enlarge}

wedding invitation font styles

So with your wedding style and formality in mind, play with the wedding fonts–espeically on your names! Notice the subtle sway of emotion that a font has on you. When you see the right font for you, you’ll know it.

Want more info on fonts? Read On Choosing Invitation Fonts for a quick lesson in typefaces. and read Jen’s post to see how 4 fonts changed the look and feel of one Save the Date design!

image source: The above fonts are featured on Sketched in Love Flat Tea-length Wedding Invitation.


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3 thoughts on “Wedding Invitation Fonts

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  2. I’m a complete sucker for FeelScript. I used it for my wedding because it was the closest to calligraphy I could get. 😉 I’ve been obsessed since!

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