Wedding Lounge Ideas

Have you thought about a lounge area... outside the reception area?

...for your older guests who might need a break from the noise of the party to those guests that simply want to catch up and quietly socialize with family and friends. How thoughtful it would be to have a comfy spot for them to sit, relax and visit.

Of course, it would be fabulous if the venue already has a lounge area~ only needing a few touches of personalization from you.

but if it doesn't... Create your own!

lounge area1

Even if you have to create a lounge area within the reception area... simply make sure it's as far away from the music as possible.


a comfy little getaway on the terrace


so clever and cheap... overstuffed pillows to soften the bench steps.



beach lounge via Stephanie Williams Photography

and if push comes to shove... you can always rent furniture like this modular bench.

modular bench

Do you have plans for a lounge area? Do share!

top four images link to the Knot, modular bench image


I didn't think of that until I read this! Our venue does have a small, grassy area where we can set up a lounge area. This is such a great idea! Thank you!

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