6 Free Wedding Planning Apps

Jan 24 2013

What would we do without our favorite mobile appsfor reading, listening to music and podcasts, lifestyle and fitness, gaming … and planning a wedding! Below are 6 free wedding planning apps to consider for helping you organize and plan for your big day and, well, have fun doing it too!

Tell us, which apps do you recommend?


Photo Gathering App

free wedding app


Wedding Party is a free photo sharing app that you can invite your guests to download. Through Facebook or email, guests can register and under your name, download the app. Once downloaded, the app collects your guests’ photos and organizes them into a timeline and puts them onto a website in real time–which is pretty cool. Everyone is able to view and comment on the photos. This app might be especially fun for guests who cannot attend your event! Available for iPhone and currently in Beta for Android.



An Organizational App

free wedding app


The Perfect Wedding Guide is an organizational app that allows you to manage your guests, keep up with your RSVP count, and administer to your wedding-related events i.e. bridal showers, parties. It even has functionality to find wedding vendors, services and deals in your area. You can also manage your budget and your to-do list as well! Available for iPhone, Android and iPad.



A Wedding Resource App

free wedding app


Wedding 911 by The Knot is a resource app that can give you instant information on the hot topics of planning your wedding: etiquette, budgeting, ceremony, fashion, beauty, etc.  You can even talk to other brides and get their advice–a feature that in itself, has mixed reviews. Available for iPhone, iPad.




Wedding Countdown App

free wedding app


Wedding Countdown is a customized countdown app that allows you to count the fun in any combo of units: years, months, days, hours, minutes … even in heartbeats and kisses! Fun, right? The countdown display is movable and you can select your own photos for the background. You can also change up the fonts and colors for ultimate personalization! And, you can share your countdown with your Twitter and Facebook friends or of course, by email. Available for iPhone, iPad.


Wedding Budget App

free wedding app


Wedding Budget is for the couple that needs to keep track of expenses. Who doesn’t that include? This app is designed to help you set up your budget, keep track of expenses and show you where you are over or under on your budget. To get you started, there is a pre-defined budget list. Available for iPhone and iPad.



Weight Loss & Fitness App

free wedding app


Lose it!—is an oldie but a goodie {with improved functionality}! This app is designed to help you with your weight loss goals through “simple and user friendly tools” to count calories, track nutrients, log exercises, etc. The food and exercise database is reported to be large and you can share your progress {along with recipes} with friends. And, no advertising! Available for iPhone, iPad.



{updated as of 2/8/13}

 Marriage Proposal App


The Marriage Proposal Pal is a soon-to-be-released app that helps the guys keep the needs of their girlfriend at the forefront while getting their proposal right. So, if she is shy, the app won’t point to a flash mob proposal! Good news, right? This app offers a step by step guide on what to consider when planning the proposal. Available for iPhone in March 2013.




Do you have a favorite app? How about for us Android users?




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3 thoughts on “6 Free Wedding Planning Apps

  1. I love the sound of the wedding party app! The photos of the day from all the guests can sometimes be amazing and its such a hassle to contact everyone individually to get them collected so that would be the most useful for me. I’ll definitely refer my friends to that one (well and this page actually) so they can try it out as they are getting married in March.

    I have an app I’m going to launch soon although its to help guys with the proposal process. Would that be of interest?

    Have a great day Heidi

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