Wedding Programs: Smart & Stylish

Acting as icebreakers and ceremony tone-setters, Wedding Programs are a wonderful addition to the ceremony that are typically ordered last and needed fast--usually due to the finalizing of last minute arrangements. From elegant Tea-lengths to roomy Rectangles, MagnetStreet offers Wedding Programs in 12 different sizes and most are ready to ship in 3 business days! That is great news if you need them fast!

Tea Length Wedding Program



What to include on your Wedding Programs ...

 13 ideas for content:

1. Your names
2. Pastor/Officiant
3. Order of events
4. Wedding party bios
5. Music & musicians
6. Special Readings/Verse/Poem & readers
7. Acknowledgments of special services performed
8. Explanation of ethnic custom/ritual
9. Translations
10. Dedications/Memorials
11. Religious ceremonies
12. Blessings
13. Thank You message from bride & groom



How to choose the right Wedding Program size & type:

Choose the size and type that captures your wedding style and accommodates the needs of your ceremony the best! Getting married in the summer? Personalize one of our four Program Fans. Are you having a destination wedding? Go with the flow of a shell-shaped Program. If you have a lot of info you'd like to share, go for the roomier Folded options: Half-fold, Tri-fold, and Gate-fold Programs sizes.

It's important that your keepsake Ceremony Programs are strategically placed so that they cannot be forgotten or overlooked.

7 ideas to make your Programs stand out in the crowd:

  1. Hang or drape on ceremony chairs.
  2. Place in baskets or other creative containers depending on your wedding theme.
  3. String along on a clothesline.
  4. Have your usher hand them out.
  5. Strategically placed on the ends of each aisle.
  6. Create a ceremony station: a decorated area for: water bottles, blankets, fans, PROGRAMS!
  7. Delegate responsible (supervised) children to hand them out.


Did you or will you be using Wedding Programs?


my husband was in seminary when we were married. We had a real imaginative though devout ceremony with a good dose of originality. We planned the ceremony right down to drummers and pipers, highland dancers, etc. Oddly, there were no programs. If we had to do it all over again we'd have some made up to commemorate what our friends are still talking about . . . . oxoxoxo from San Francisco Amy

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