Wedding Stationery… Your Way!

One of my favorite things to do on Truly Engaging is... show off MagnetStreet Weddings brides and grooms! Clever and creative ~ that's what you are! our designs YOUR WAY is all about how you're taking our designs and personalizing them to your theme and style!  It's great fun! So, without further ado...

Meet David & Melania ~ Destination Wedding: Jamaica

{Via Melania} Our wedding color is Canary Yellow, completely different from our stationery. We're having a beach wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

What inspired us to use this design was the elegance that it had- with the black background and the text in pink and the red. The flowers on the design reminded us of the cherry blossoms in our picture!

We're having a small ceremony in Montego Bay, at a Caribbean Resort, June 2010. David's family is from Nigeria and when we come back from Jamaica, there will be a huge celebration following Nigerian customs. All family members and friends are invited to this. This is why we have two dates on the Save the Date, so those who couldn't come to Jamaica, can come to the big bash in NYC!

David and Melania

a-11838 Elegant Vines Save the Date magnet

Meet Anjali and Rishin ~ a cultural celebration

{Via Anjali} Most of our family lives in India and although they really wished they could make it, not all of them could. We both wanted to share parts of our wedding with them and we felt we could do that best with pictures in our Thank You card. We wanted to share some of our happiest memories with our family and friends and we felt these pictures did that.

Our wedding was just so fun! Indian culture is lively and colorful and beautiful. There are multiple events and each picture is from each different event. There is a Sangeet - which is where our friends and family get together before the wedding with singing and dancing and people put on dance performances for us. The actual wedding was a beautiful ceremony and the reception, like all receptions, to thank all and to enjoy the rest of the evening. And, we wanted to express our beautiful culture with beautiful colors.

Anjali and Rishin big


Meet Chase and Willis ~ in front of a very cool mural

{Via Chase} Our colors are brown and red – I went a lighter shade of beige on the magnet though to pick up colors in the mural we were standing by and thought dark brown would make the magnet harder to read. We don’t really have a tight theme, but we are incorporating birds and trees in our other materials. (So the magnet technically doesn’t match other items in the wedding).

The picture was taken in front of a mural in downtown Jacksonville, FL – we were just driving around, looking for locations to take engagement pictures, and we stumbled across this mural. We just thought it looked really cool!

Chase and Willis




These are so gorgeous! And I know that mural in Jax - it's probably the most photographed wall downtown! It's just so colorful and fun!