Wedding Topiaries & Wedding Centerpieces

Sep 13 2010

I have a renewed appreciation for using topiaries as wedding centerpieces and in reception decor. They can be so fabulously interesting. Check out this unique topiary… a darling turn of the century bride and groom I spotted at the horticultural building at the Minnesota State Fair this year. Wouldn’t they be fun guests at a vintage wedding?

We tend to think of live plants being groomed into a certain shape to form a topiary…

{as reception decor via Martha Stewart Weddings}

but a topiary can be made with anything… really. Thinking outside the box a bit, topiaries can be a diy project or a sculpture of art via your florist.

How about pumpkin centerpieces for a simple fall wedding...

{pumpkin topiary via Better Homes & Gardens}

Christmas and New Year’s is right around the corner so if you’re still looking for new ideas for your holiday event, how about a candy topiary… This one is made out of chocolate {snowcaps}.

{chocolate topiary also via}

Another cool idea! A topiary of presents. What a beautiful focal point for the gift table, no?

{gift box topiary}

I used to think of them somehow  as old-fashioned- but really, topiaries are delightful, fanciful and truly works of art! What do you think?

Other topiary ideas include:


paper flowers

real flowers

herbs like rosemary formed into Christmas trees

what else?


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