Wedding Videography: How & What to Consider

Submitted by Heidi on Tuesday - September 15, 2015
  • Is wedding videography in your budget?
  • Should you make it a priority?
  • Where do you start?

Wedding Videography {Unveiled}: Where, How & Who

If you've decided Yes to wedding videography, the next questions to ask yourself are: why do you want to have a wedding video made and what do you hope the final product looks like? These answers will help guide you in making the best possible decisions. "For most couples, a wedding video becomes a treasured item, and over time it can even become a piece of family history." Our friends over at Mike Staff Productions, a four-service wedding company (DJ, Photography, HD Videography, Uplighting) have kindly shared their expertise in helping brides choose the right professional. Read on for tons of excellent advice on wedding videography.

Where to begin. What to look for.

Search online and watch trailers on YouTube and other websites. Ask to watch your friends' wedding videos. Get recommendations from your friends. Ask about the level of experience of recommended videographers. Brides, you'll want to work with someone who is competent, confident and has been in the industry for at least a few years.

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

The Interview: what to think about and questions to ask 

How much will it cost?

Pricing most likely will be one of the determining factors; it is the reality of having a budget and videography prices can hugely vary ($900-$10,000)! Know what you can afford coming into the meeting and leave the meeting knowing exactly what you will get for your money. Often times, bundling packages can provide the most efficient cost savings.

Knowing your style {a key to finding the right pro} 

Knowing your style is hugely important going into the initial interviews and searching for the right person. Is your style more like that of a documentary? More cinematic? Or, perhaps a blend of the two? Once you are aware of what you want, then make sure that your style and vision of the wedding video matches what the videographer can and loves to do.


The equipment used will either enhance or limit the final product, that is a fact. Be sure to find a company/videographer that has invested in high-quality equipment, ensuring that the video turns out the best it possibly can.

Time spent shooting

Clarity in this area will provide both the bride and videographer with realistic expectations. You should leave the initial interview with an idea of what it will cost--for the time you want. Many companies offer a few different options (3 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours) to try and serve each bride’s specific needs. This is something you need to think through ... Do you want someone all day to help tell the complete story of the day ... or maybe just for a few hours to highlight the moments of the ceremony and reception.


One thing to consider about the format/style is that there is a plan heading into the wedding day. The videographer needs to know and understand what shots they are looking for.

Satisfaction guaranteed?

Is there a “satisfaction guarantee” or something like it? What happens if you are not happy with the final product? Is the videographer willing and able to go back and re-edit as needed to ensure that you are thrilled with your wedding video? These are important questions to know the answers to!

Second shooter?

Having a second shooter can be a huge benefit! It all depends on the scale of the wedding and your expectations. If the wedding is smaller and relatively simple; then logistically, one shooter might be a great option. As the guest list grows and the logistics become more complex, a second shooter can definitely help in capturing special moments from the day that you would love to have in the wedding video. The company/videographer should be able to guide and give honest advice about which option is best for each individual bride.

How long will it take to get the video back?

A conversation about how long it will take to get the video back should take place early on. Again, having clarity on all fronts will help to alleviate tensions and ensure success for everyone involved.

How will the video be distributed?

Will it come as DVD, CD, thumb drive or be posted to the site? Having the bride and videographer share her preferences is a great thing to do early on--so no one is surprised in the end.

Additional time?

Is it possible to get additional time if needed? Perhaps the day gets a later start or you decide at the last minute you want the videographer to stay longer and get more footage. Is that even a possibility? What would the extra charge be? When would be the latest that the videographer would need to know? Brides would be advised to work with someone who has the flexibility to give a little extra time as needed.

It isn’t just about the price!

Think about this as long term investment! Can you envision the videographer being a part of your wedding planning process, the wedding day and ultimately a part of your future?! It is a huge responsibility--not to be taken lightly. Pay attention to how you feel about the reputation of the vendor.

A huge investment

Having the answers to these questions will allow you to make the best decisions possible! This is a big investment and there is so much trust involved! Do your homework ahead of time--asking the right questions and getting the answers is so important.

Hold the bar high ...

Make sure you and your videographer are a great fit! Style, chemistry, and competency are huge in deciding who to go with. Working with someone who is life-giving, encouraging and capable is priceless. Your wedding video will be {and become over time} a part of family history! And if it is not the right fit, it will be present in the final product. Hold the bar high and make sure you are comfortable and excited about working with your videographer!

Great info! Thanks to our friends at Mike Staff Productions for all these insider tips on how to choose the right wedding videographer!

Have questions about wedding videography? We'd love to help you in your journey to finding the right pro for you!