What Does a Traditional Wedding Look Like?

Sep 12 2008

We know that a tradition is something that is handed down from generation to generation … beliefs, customs, information, etc.  People are getting married all over the world and incorporating that which has been time-honored in their culture, into their wedding.  We certainly have a melting pot of traditions here in America.  What comes to mind when you think~ traditional American wedding…white dress, church ceremony, veil, ring exchange, honeymoon, etc.

Many wedding traditions are steeped in weird superstition.  Even so, it still makes sense to know the meaning of a tradition rather than including it just because your supposed to.

I’ll be going to a wedding on the 20th and it points toward being a traditional wedding with a twist.  I am excited to see their wedding, done their way! I look forward to every detail, the music… how Neil will look at his bride as she walks toward him… the music… the toasts… the napkin folds (yes, I have a fascination for creatively-folded napkins) and their personality as they throw their very first party for family and friends.

So, by all means, integrate the beauty in a tradition that is meaningful for you.  Embellish your wedding with what is near and dear to your hearts.  And, make your own traditions!  Let your guests in on why you chose something new in a fun, creative way.   You might as well because your guests will be wondering and I can almost guarantee that Grandma Florence is going to ask you why something was left out or why something new was introduced.

Want to know more about certain wedding traditions?  Here’s a link.

Next week, we’ll try to discern where the line is drawn regarding where traditional crosses over into non-traditional.   I’ll certainly need your help in this matter.

What traditions are meaningful for you?  Are you making any new traditions?  Of course, you know I’d love to hear about them.

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2 thoughts on “What Does a Traditional Wedding Look Like?

  1. I’ve always thought that pearls made a wedding feel elegant. It’s important to get the size just right on the neck but when you do it can really elevate the bride to a level of sophistication…

  2. Hi Craig,
    hmmm, that is a very interesting comment and I think would make an interesting blog post as well! I may elicit your help… 🙂

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