Who Pays for What?

Sep 24 2010

Not exactly cut and dry anymore.

Wedding costs are being shared nowadays and whether it’s because of the economy, family dynamics, or something else, it’s best to get the who pays for what determined as soon as you can.

Talk it through with those likely to be involved. {Try not to  assume anything- that never seems to end well}.

The following is a traditional scope of who pays for what. Simply use it as a guideline.

The Bride and Parents of the Bride

  • Wedding Consultant/Coordinator
  • Wedding dress and accessories
  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Flowers: bridesmaids, flower girl basket and pillow for ring bearer
  • The groom’s ring and gift
  • Engagement party and/or notices
  • Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank You cards and associated stationery
  • Wedding reception
  • Decorations, flowers for reception
  • Wedding cake
  • Photography, Videography
  • Transportation of the wedding party
  • Possibly, hotel accommodations for out of town attendants
  • Miscellaneous costs for reception or ceremony
  • Music

The Groom and the Groom’s Family

  • Engagement and wedding ring
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Groomsmen gifts
  • Wedding attire and accessories
  • Marriage license
  • Clergy, Officiate
  • Corsages for parents and grandparents
  • Boutonnieres for groomsmen and fathers
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Honeymoon (possibly shared by both bride and groom)
  • Possibly, hotel accommodations for out of town attendants


  • Dresses and accessories
  • Travel expenses
  • Bride’s shower


  • Rental of tuxedos and accessories
  • Travel expenses
  • Bachelor party

Once you have decided- who will pay for what

  • Determine your budget! What’s the magic number that you need to stay as close to as possible…
  • Determine your must-have’s? Prioritize from highest to lowest what the most important… needs, wants, and “would be nice” are.

Budgeting Tips

  • Limit the number of guests you invite
  • Wedding dresses: look off the rack
  • Flowers: order wholesale and DIY
  • Consider a non-traditional meal at the reception that is less expensive
  • Reception: limit alcohol or not provide it at all
  • DIY decorations for the ceremony and reception
  • Limit the extras and adhere to your budget!

What do you think? Is it reasonable to think~ that whomever contributes to the wedding costs- should be entitled to an opinion as to how it’s spent?

Let’s hear your thoughts… And Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Who Pays for What?

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  2. Great breakdown of the costs and who traditionally pays for what. I think regardless of who ends up paying for what, communication should be the number one item to keep open. Never make assumptions and always be thankful and grateful to those who do help and tell them thank you frequently.

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