Why Send Wedding Announcements?

Let's face it... You can't invite everyone! It's just not possible.

And there are lots of reasons for that. Perhaps you're simply not close to your cousin in Fargo or that your venue can only accommodate so many or that you're watching costs or that yours is a destination wedding...

I say have your guest list and keep it too! Those that didn't get invited to the wedding can still share in your BIG NEWS when they receive a Wedding Announcement! Include your wedding date, a wedding photo, your new mailing address, phone number... whatever you'd like.

You can opt for a formal Announcement that looks similar to your invitations or you can opt for a design that coordinates with your wedding theme or even something fun and casual. Thinking outside the lines, I used the Design Studio and borrowed a few Thank You wedding Favor Magnets to create these unique Announcements.

{click to enlarge}

No pressure! Wedding Announcements do not imply that gifts be sent!

When to mail: The day of or day after the wedding... even for up to a few months afterward.

{Announcements aren't usually sent to those who attended your wedding.}

See more Favor Magnet options

Want a more formal Announcement? Try this Flat Invitation



great idea. I already have a huge guest list for my wedding so this is a great way to let friends whom I haven't talked to in a long while, past co-workers, just facebook friends, etc know I tied the knot without adding to my way too long guest list. MS should get the wedding announcements onto Facebook...since I am only invite 1/4 of my Facebook friends :)

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