Will You Marry Me?

Apr 11 2011

~feather bouquets
~colored wedding dresses
~non-diamond weddings rings

These are a few of my favorite non-traditional wedding things. Oh, and let’s add this …  a love story that includes a girl named Dovie, who throws convention to the wayside, to ask a boy named AJ, to marry her. Blunt and direct, Dovie has no problem in going after what she wants. Enjoy their story as well as these fun engagement pictures from Pics By Becca.

Go Dovie. Go Dovie.

My fiances name is Andrew Pearson, but everyone just calls him AJ.

My proposal… Where do I start?  We had been talking one day and I asked him when he was going to ask me to marry him. He said he was coming up with ideas. Well it was driving me insane with the waiting and plotting, so a few weeks later, I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to marry me … he said YES!.. I laughed and looked at him and said lets do it… and he was like what? Really? And I said yes. Then again, I asked him if he would marry me… {it seemed proper} and he said yes again! And that is how it happened.

Do you see yourselves as non-traditional? I would definitely say that we are very non-traditional. I had been married before and I have two children. We had both served in the military and had seen our friends marry and divorce and marry again… its a way of life I guess. We knew very quickly that we loved each other and moved in together. We had been living together for a year when I popped the question. We decided to take a long engagement because nothing was going to change.

Destination Wedding We are getting married at Dam Neck Naval Annex in Virginia Beach, VA on June 4th of this year. Our wedding colors are Ivory, Khaki, and Cobalt Blue. AJ picked the blue.

We got engaged in May of 2010 and started planning in June, so we have been planning for nearly a year. This is a destination wedding for us because we live in Clarksville, TN and AJ’s parents live in Virginia Beach~which presented the amazing opportunity to get married on the beach…

Made for each other We are definitely made for each other and started out as friends first. I know that some people say that it’s not really a good thing to fall in love with your best friend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Although we share hobbies, we’re also very different from each other. We work well together and bring different skills, goals, and ideas into the relationship. We are like a well-oiled machine and if something breaks, we work together to fix it.

Can’t wait … I am most looking forward to committing my life to AJ in front of God and our family and friends… and the celebration of our relationship… and a few days off work haha.

Its hard to put into words how much we both have grown in this relationship and how much we depend on each other. We laugh and we joke and have such respect and love for the other, that it’s just easy. We have our schedules but never get stuck in a rut.

Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands! Way to go Dovie! It’s a lesson of the heart, for all of us! Congrats to you both and best wishes for the blending of your beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing your story and engagement session!

Starfish Save the Date

Starfish Mini Save the Date Magnet with linen paper Carrier Card via MagnetStreet Weddings

Anyone else humming “Last train to Clarksville” right about now? *wink.


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