Color Monday: Your Wedding Color Ideas

Aug 20 2012

One of our favorite days of the week: Color Monday!

Last week on our MagnetStreet Weddings Facebook wall, you told us your wedding colors and we loved your combos so much, we decided to put them into today’s feature! Tell us what you think about using your color ideas on “Forest Ornament” Save the Date Magnet design.


Formal and fun! We adore these black, white, and red fusions.

Ashley: black and white with hints of red
Rhonda: black charcoal with a hint of apple red
Trisha: black and white, red as accent
Kailee: apple red, white and black



Soft and romantic … you ladies are spot on with these pastel pretties!

Kirsten: If we end up having a fall wedding then I’m leaning towards pink and gold.
Sheila: yellow for Good Friday, Easter Weekend.
Lissel: lavender!
Kris: light Beige, light pink and white!



These colorful combos are high energy and very gorgeous–not to mention thoughtful!

Caycey: apple red, orange, and fushia.
Kimberley: hot pink and orange (destination wedding).
Melanie: royal blue and buttercup yellow with accents of red.
Ariel: turquoise – in memory of my cousin ( her fav color) and orange-in memory of my grandfather (he was from Tennessee)



Elegant neutrals that POP with excitement …

Brittani: black, white & teal
Heather: turquoise and charcoal!
Jenn: deep purple and silver.
Tosha: black white silver and hot pink



Regal and Royal … full of glam with popular purple!

Julissa: blue (our fave color) and purple (in honor of my mom-it was her fave color)
Lindsay: deep purple and light green.
Jenny: lime-ish green and purples, and a little bit of ivory
Rebekah: 3 shades of purple and black


Cool shades of blue … cheerful and fun!

Kristine: forest green or maybe a bit lighter, and a deep blue
Maggie: capri/corn flower/shimmery blue and Ivory
Kylla: hot pink, light blue, and black
Rebecca: coral and blue


You all have great taste! Remember, you are free to try out your own color ideas on any of our wedding stationery. Go ahead and play with Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations using Design Studio–our online personalization tool.

Which of these color combos are your favorites?

Oh by the way, let’s connect on Facebook!




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One thought on “Color Monday: Your Wedding Color Ideas

  1. Love the elegant neutrals paired with bold hues like hot pink, aqua, etc.!! It really makes that accent color “pop”.

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