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2020 Wedding Color Trends

2020 Wedding Color Trends

Be inspired by empowering color palettes for your perfect wedding.

Wedding Color Palettes

We pull from high fashion and décor trends every season as inspiration.

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Custom Papya, Ash Rose, Coconut, Peach, Matte Copper

Play with these colors

Exuding a shabby chic and vintage feel, this sunny palette is great for rustic, late-summer wedding themes. Gold, dusty blush hues, and copper come together in a way that is down to earth and easy to incorporate for a garden escape or modern city setting alike. Think of incorporating wood, fun textures, straight lines, and muted florals into your summer nuptials. If warm-and-cozy meets airy is what you’re looking for, then this will surely have your heart—​and wedding guests dancing at a party that will stand out in every single way!

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Take advantage of all the wonderfulness that summer has to offer by bringing the indoors out! Create intimate seating areas with comfy outdoor-friendly furniture while incorporating your color and style. Guests will love having a comfy spot to mix and mingle with others.


Custom Pinor Noir, Custom Warm Orchid, Custom Honey, Custom Icy Moss, Custom Waterfall

Play with these colors

A wedding with a rosy vibe is all you need for a lovely and bright day! Pretty pinks paired with golden yellow and minty green hues create a wondrous balance of hot and cool for any summer wedding. This palette brings gorgeous graphics, playful patterns, and florals of all types to life effortlessly across wedding day décor and apparel … making it easy to set a pretty, yet ethereal atmosphere. And really, you almost want to bite into a delicious slice of watermelon after playing with these hues!

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Add a dashing surprise to your wedding day ensemble with some knock-out glitzy heels. If heels aren’t your thing, glitter bridal sneakers are all the rage these days, too. Either way, show off your fancy footwork all day long with fun (comfortable) shoes that fit your fashion sense!


Custom Antique Blue, Custom Ashwood, Custom Honey, Custom Soft Blush, Custom Celadon

Play with these colors

For a picture-perfect summer wedding color scheme, simply look up at the sky! Make pale antique blue into your something blue while setting the stage for a chic midsummer affair. Much like fresh dewdrops after a warm summer rain shower, this color palette of antique blue, woodsy tan, honey, sweet blush, and minty green comes together with a certain softness you won’t be able to find elsewhere. These summer wedding colors are light, airy, and easy to incorporate into nearly every part of your big day—from attire to flowers, table linens, and stationery.

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Keep your summer wedding flowers fresh and bright on a hot summer day. Keep a spray water bottle on hand and give your flowers a light misting every hour. When your photographer isn't snapping away, have your personal attendant place it in a vase of cool water.


Custom Pineapple, Custom Papaya, Watermelon, Pink Glass, White

Play with these colors

Summer is the perfect time to add bold pops of cheerful color. In a halo of sunny yellow, your summer wedding day will be filled with cheerful smiles and happy energy with this popping palette! It doesn’t get any more deliciously sweet than yellow, papaya and pinks coming together with a soft ombre effect that has us dreaming of yummy sorbet. The colors are playful and feminine, and even evoke a bit of a bohemian and slightly rustic vibe. This lighthearted palette is romantic, sweet, and full of fun summer vigor.

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Drink stations and treat tables have been around awhile. But here’s a hot new way to really elevate your reception space and décor—take it up a notch by turning them into a wall display (yes, wall!) that also double as fab reception décor.

Photo: Kennleigh Photography


Custom Antique Sage, Custom Lemon, Coconut, Peach, Custom Butter Pecan

Play with these colors

This is sweet as an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day! Minty sage and lemon yellow come together in delightful harmony in this mood-boosting palette. It has us dreaming of grabbing a nap in a grove of willow trees on a lazy, summer day. The happy-go-lucky duo is complemented by neutral peach and tan which also gives it an overall nostalgic feel. There are so many natural ways to bring these colors into a summer wedding—think sunflowers, eucalyptus, succulents, golden rod, and other gorgeous botanicals.

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Add creative touches to your wedding day photos by incorporating unique photo props! We’re talking antique cars, vintage VW buses, antique furniture pieces, and the like! Inquire with friends and family on availability of items that could add an unforgettable touch.


Custom Lavender, Custom Waterfall, Custom Pineapple, Lace

Play with these colors

We all know that everything comes back into style eventually, right? This vintage palette painted in lavender, pastel green, poppy pineapple, and cool lace is just the proof! Enter the term “granny chic” into your vocab— because you’re going to need to know that if you are drawn to a pastel combo like this along with retro prints, wallpaper, and kitchy décor! We absolutely adore it and are excited by all the possibilities of incorporating this look and its feminine palette into a blooming summer wedding.

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Granny chic is so crafty and romantic! Add this look to your wedding with things like flower prints, mercury glass, baby’s breath, lace, antique vases, and patterned bridesmaids’ dresses. Thrift stores are full of granny chic pieces to deck out your big day!

True Blue

Custom Denim, Custom Punch, Custom Peach, Champagne, Lily Pad

Play with these colors

Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue, is the perfect hue to set the mood for a laid-back summer wedding. Punchy pink, peach, light ivory, and organic green all come together with this beautiful rich sky blue to create a palette that’s reminiscent of the summer sky at dusk. It’s calm, restful, and elegantly simple. If you’re a free-spirited couple looking for a nostalgic or bohemian wedding theme that intertwines color with a nostalgic feel, then this could be the palette for you. (Photo: Kensington Event Designs, Inc.)

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Bring your reception tables to gorgeous new heights with tall centerpieces that make a wow-worthy statement. Not only do they add so much beauty to your reception space, they also make it easier for guests to chat at dinner!


Custom Papaya, Light Salmon, Honey, Clover Green

Play with these colors

The warmth of summer is on full display with this bold and mature color palette! Sure, orange isn’t your typical wedding color these days (in the 1970s, definitely yes), but this lush tropical palette proves you can really elevate your wedding day décor and details with invigorating color. Orange and yellow are cheerful colors that are sure to spark joy with your guests. Light salmon pink and clover green provide just enough contrast to keep this stunning palette grounded and organic.

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While this palette emanates a tropical feel, it’s quite adaptable across various wedding styles—bohemian, rustic, and modern for instance. Warm palettes like this also complement a variety of textures, such as wood, metal, and velvet!


Another pretty palette to color your summer wedding.

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Custom Berry Pink, Custom Stone Blue, Sea Mist, Lace

Play with these colors

Nothing screams spring more than this popping color combo led by bright pink! It’s passionate, romantic, and full of zest. Pink packs a posh punch and is making its way into weddings of all types because it is so versatile. Cool steel gray, soft green, and ever-so-slight pink tone down this hot palette, keeping it from being too over the top. It’s a surprisingly versatile combo with a modern, playful vibe—wedding guests will no doubt be tickled pink surrounded in a wedding day painted in this palette.

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Afraid to get too punchy with a palette like this? Just remember that the smallest touches of a bright hue like this can make a big and beautiful impact across your wedding décor, centerpieces, apparel, and accessories.


Custom Antique Blue, Parchment, Custom Papaya, Lemonade, Charcoal

Play with these colors

After a long colorless winter, we all yearn for warmth and color! Antique blue, shades of gray, bright papaya, and super subtle yellow come together for this unexpectedly gorgeous, earthy spring color combo. A palette of steely mellow hues emits the refreshment of a rainy spring day … and the joy that arrives when the warm sun comes back out to shine. Just like the excitement that comes with spring, this stunning modern color palette breathes a breath of fresh air with its happy but mature hues.

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A trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon is outfitting your bridesmaids in various styles and colors of dresses. It adds a whimsical element to your day, plus they’ll emanate happiness in a dress that has them feeling their best!


Custom Crab Apple, Ash Rose, Peach, Purple Ash, Green Willow

Play with these colors

Many couples today are gravitating toward earthy, found-in-nature tones of beloved wedding colors versus manufactured crayon colors. Enter this color combo that provides a beautiful example of that! Pure spring magic abounds with this palette grounded in floral- and fruity-inspired hues. Soft, organic crab apple takes the lead while peach and dusty rose provide the perfect complement and lighten up the overall look of this calming combo. Dusty purplish-blue and green willow top it off, painting an enchanting palette perfect for spring weddings of any style.

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Decorate your reception space with collected antique pieces or heirlooms to create an ultra-romantic, dreamy vibe. Also, think outside the box for your cake décor by using colorful crafty pieces that show your creative side.


Coconut, Peach, Pinor Noir, Blonde, Icy Blue

Play with these colors

We can’t help but think of yummy sorbet with this pastel wedding color palette! Peach, mauve pink, pale yellow, and light blue come together in beautiful harmony to set a lighthearted, happy mood for any spring wedding. Using this color combo makes for a splendid and feminine style that is both timeless and romantic. Peach is a fruity shade that serves as an easy, perfect base for a spring wedding due to its warmness and neu-tral quality, too.

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Peach is a neutral that flatters most skin tones. From bridesmaid dresses to flowers, peach is so easy to work with. Garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, and dahlias are all available in peach tones, too—making it easy to create your dream spring bouquet.


Custom Azure, Clover Green, Matte Gold, White

Play with these colors

A springtime bash painted in a palette of azure blue and clover green is super fresh and emanates the new life that spring brings. Azure blue—the stunning new blue we are seeing everywhere for weddings—is refreshing, contemporary, and totally unique. Infusing beautiful gold and crisp white livens up this other cool palette and takes it a bit more of a modern direction. There’s no doubt we’re dreaming of freshly cut green grass, blue sunny skies, and cotton clouds drifting by with this eye-catching and earthy spring color scheme.

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Many modern couples are opting out of traditional wedding cake and serving other sweet treats to their guests instead! From donuts and macaroons to mini pies and chocolate chip cookies—there are so many yummy options.


Terracotta, Parchment, Lakeshore, Blue Fog

Play with these colors

Talk about pretty! This palette of peach, blush, and cool blue hues just couldn’t be any more perfect for a spring wedding. The soft shade of peach is delicate and slightly feminine, especially with blush pink as its sidekick. A sky-inspired blue adds a bit of perfect zest to this otherwise mellow palette and keeps the palette very approachably pretty for a wedding of any style. With both warm tones and cool tones balancing each other out in perfect melody, this gorgeous spring palette just can’t get much prettier.

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Lots of couples are opting to wear formal attire for their engagement sessions. They are no doubt eye-catching (especially when you toss in breathtaking scenery!) and make for stunning photo save the dates, too.


Custom Latte, Gray, White, Green Willow, Custom Lavender

Play with these colors

Earthy, organic hues are always a top choice for spring weddings. A palette of brown, gray, white, and willow green for a spring soiree certainly doesn’t disappoint. Lavender added in adds a bit of femininity and awakens the senses to the sweetness of lilacs and other abundant spring blooms. The timeless look and feel of a neutral palette will never go out of style and will go along with any spring wedding style! Whether ballroom, barn, or backyard—​this fetching color palette goes the distance.

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It’s okay to get fashionable with men’s wedding attire, too. Stand out from the plethora of gray, navy, or black suit wearers out there and go with dapper brown. Just pair it with a light shirt underneath for a classy, cool look.


Sea Mist, Pinor Noir, Coconut, Glacier, Ivory

Play with these colors

It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married! Springtime calls to mind all the budding plants and foliage popping up around us. So it’s only natural to showcase a color combo featuring a fresh take on a pastel palette of the past. Sage green, delicate pinks, rainy blue, and classic ivory come together to create a whimsical spring palette that exudes the renewal that the season brings. Breezy, perfect weather, everything in bloom—​what better way to signify spring than with a stunning combo like this?

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Designing a springtime fête that shows all the season’s new growth is so beautiful. Whether you choose an in-bloom invite suite, use tulips or peonies in a DIY flower wall, or serve a pretty pastel naked cake—​spring offers so much inspiration to wow your guests!


Matte Copper, Platinum, Antique Blue, Custom Emerald Sea, Steel

Play with these colors

For a winter wedding style that is both on-trend and chic—try combining copper, cornflower blue, emerald green, and cool silvers. This winter color palette is so good; it will give you the chills! Warm copper is our favorite metallic hue at the moment. It’s inviting for a chilly winter day and sophisticated when paired with cool colors. The emerald green thrown in the mix is definitely a show stopper! Whether you’re hosting a laid-back lodge wedding or an upscale ballroom soiree, this almost-neutral pretty palette works across all wedding styles.

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Hosting a winter wedding is all about bringing in a sense of richness and coziness into your wedding day. Copper is a versatile color that offers the same benefits as other metallic shades, but it adds in an organic element filled with so much warmth.


Green Willow, Steel, Latte, Dark Rose, Parchment

Play with these colors

Winter lovelies, stop and take note at this festive holiday green and berry color combo! This lovely collection of winter color trends cannot go without a palette centered on the warmth and joy of the holidays. Wintery spruce green tones play perfectly with luscious berry and blush—​hues that aren’t too bold and not all the way red or feminine pink. Earthy, delicate, and rich, this approachable winter color scheme has the potential to make all your winter wedding dreams come true.

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Getting married this time of year doesn’t mean you have to use evergreen, berries, or other accents commonly associated with winter. Seasonal flowers for winter weddings can be just as stunning as summer arrangements—​garden roses, ranunculus, anemones, and calla lilies are great options!


Charcoal, Steel, Custom Blue Fog, Ash Rose, Matte Copper

Play with these colors

There is nothing wrong with toning down your color palette with cool neutrals for a fancy winter wedding. Enter a color palette of steely gray and blue infused with a bit of unexpected toasty rose and copper. This striking combo is perfect for a celebration geared around the glitz and glam of New Year’s and is a perfect complement for an industrial venue. Use this scheme to create an elegant look that’s infused with modern on‑trend elements for a winter wedding of your dreams!

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What’s great about grey is that it’s neutral and provides a simple backdrop for rich textures, metallic elements, and dramatic décor. The holidays are in the air, so it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in glitter dresses and faux fur!


Custom Merlot, Black, Ivory

Play with these colors

Bring on more elegance and drama with a palette of merlot, black, and ivory! If it’s a wedding scheduled around the holidays—this effortless combo makes a huge impact. Great for black tie affairs or cozy mountain celebrations alike, these three colors bring to mind images of the holidays and the warmth and coziness in the air. Black and ivory will forever be timeless, with rich red and shining gold or silver accents adding in high-class moodiness to create a strong visual impact.

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Add dazzle to a simple palette by including shine throughout your details. Melodramatic uplighting, rich florals in sparkly glass vases, and sequins throughout your reception space is festively glam. Gold or silver foil on your wedding stationery is also a must!


Custom Soft Blush, Custom Pink Glass, Warm Orchid, Custom Matte Gold, Matte Silver

Play with these colors

A winter palette with soft blushing tones is a nice change of scenery in the sea of cozy winter palettes. Blush pinks, orchid, gold, and silver evoke a feminine, airy, and an almost vintage ambiance for winter weddings. The pink and orchid hues are delicate and muted, while gold and silver elevate the look to add lots of elegant drama. From classic elegant to shabby chic, this sweet winter color combo is perfect for blushing brides of all types.

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Combine feminine and luxe details with more modern accents to make this color combo more impactful. Antique lace, rings of blushing florals, and stunning uplighting offer great décor complements to a delicate palette such as this.


Stone Blue, Crab Apple, Green Willow, Rainy Day, Ivory

Play with these colors

Another gorgeous winter palette of blues, red, and green—this time with a striking stone blue as the headliner! As one of the best complements to dark blue, deep red or burgundy makes for a matching that is really classic and contemporary. Green, light blue, and ivory help to lighten the otherwise rich palette and adds striking yet subdued contrast. Perhaps slightly inspired by the plaids that winter brings, this misty color combo offers a lot of elegant versatility.

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Your something blue doesn’t have to be limited to shoes or jewelry. Instead, set yourself apart by wearing a cool blue gown on the big day. Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to wear a mystical, icy blue gown that is certain wow the crowd.


Evergreen, Matte Copper, Parchment

Play with these colors

What better place to look for inspiration, than a wintery snow-filled forest. Our winter color palettes cannot go without an evergreen tree-inspired combo! You can almost hear the cold breeze whistling through a mountainside forest and the aroma of fresh pine filling the air with this green, brown, and cream color scheme. The earthiness and organic nature of a combo like this is delicate, fresh, and easy to incorporate by simply taking nods of inspiration from surrounding natural elements.

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Weddings with evergreen incorporated are naturally going to have a rustic, “up north” feel. Take advantage of the rustic feel with wood details and white pine or spruce branches thoughtfully placed throughout your tablescape.


Crab Apple, Stone Blue, Cactus, Honey, Spun Sugar

Play with these colors

When choosing colors for a cold-weather affair, it’s exciting to think outside the box and warm it all up with unexpected color combos. A deep, rich palette with crab apple red as the star is definitely a mood setter for the coziness and festivities of the winter holidays. Add in earthy blue and green, honey, and a blushy pink—​you have the foundation for a boho-inspired event. Whimsical details, boisterous florals, and a rustic setting pair magnificently with this palette.

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To capture the bohemian feel, use flowers that lend themselves to an unstructured, loose style. Cascading bouquets or centerpieces with burgundy dahlias, scabiosa, and ranuculus is the perfect place to start.


Merlot, Green Willow, Spun Sugar, Ivory

Play with these colors

The scent of a freshly-baked apple pie is in the air with this aptly-named fall color palette. Deep merlot and a soft sage green dance together in perfect harmony while pink and ivory tone down the overall richness. If “romantic” and “organic” are part of your wedding design plan, this combo definitely steals the show! Plus, a stunning merlot and green wedding color palette hints at the cozy holiday season ahead.

White ranunculus, deep red and blush roses, eucalyptus, cranberries, and fern leaves are great centerpiece and bouquet options for a wedding colored in this semi-moody fall palette.


Ginger, Nutmeg, Ivory, Green Willow, Steel

Play with these colors

A crackling fire, woodsy aromas, and pumpkin spice is what fall is made of! So a color combo of warm spicy tones and organic greens fits in superbly for a wedding with a serious autumn feel. Creamy ginger and hot nutmeg are straight from the spice rack, combining together with ivory and rich greens to create an enchanting and romantic ambiance across any fall wedding style—especially boho chic.

Ginger and nutmeg are not only found in our favorite fall desserts! They offer a gorgeous fall aura in reception details like tablecloths, candle holders, place cards, and florals.

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Custom Honey, Matte Copper, Cactus, Stone Blue, Steel

Play with these colors

We all love a mellow walk on a mild autumn day as the leaves drop and crunch under our feet. A collection of fall wedding color palettes isn’t complete without a combo inspired by a frolic like this on a fall day! Burnt yellow and orange set the stage and are kept grounded by cool natural green, blue, and steely brown tone for an overall graceful and organic composition.

Autumn weather is unpredictable, so outdoor weddings can be a gamble. Keep an eye on weather predictions and have a contingency plan just in case you need to relocate (and keep guests informed).


Ivy Green, Butter Pecan, Stone Blue, Peach

Play with these colors

Neutrals in the autumn can be warm and inviting! Combining organic hues found in nature such as ivy green, pecan, blue, and peach make for a fall wedding with a down-to-earth style. These tones intermix in an ethereal way, with a stony blue adding a bit of boldness. Shabby-chic décor, lots of soft textures, and greenery are a great complement to this inviting, rustic fall palette.

A statement piece can dramatically enhance your wedding reception. We’re talking a unique piece of furniture or chandelier that can become a focal point for your guests as they celebrate your day!


Antique Blue, Stone Blue, Custom Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Hazelnut

Play with these colors

Dusty blues and burnt oranges come together effortlessly for a vintage-meets-rustic stylish fall palette. Burnt orange shades are distinct and may seem bold for the traditional bride, but dusty and darker blues tone it all down in perfect color harmony. With blue and orange opposite on the color wheel—​they just have to work together! Plus they both appear everywhere in nature during the autumn months.

It’s not a fall wedding without incorporating fall foliage and items like pumpkins, gourds, and fresh fruits into your décor. Remember, they can still be intertwined in a classy, elegant way.


Custom Grape Juice, Custom Sugared Plum, Custom Iris Mauve, Steel

Play with these colors

Drink in a palette of juicy hues with this stunning fall combo. Mauve shades are definitely trending, as they emanate elegance, romance, and vintage glam during the crisp cool days. The subdued shades of light purple have just the slightest tinge of grey—and when paired with grey or brown neutrals, really shine beautifully! This palette also works so well, as each color flatters one another without stealing the show.

Your wedding colors don’t have to just adorn your wedding party, flowers, and centerpieces! Show off your love for the palette you chose by adding it into your own bridal jewelry and shoes.


Custom Purple Ash, Cactus, Berry Rose, Spun Sugar, White

Play with these colors

Just look to the very blooms abounding in the late summer and early fall months for a palette of greens and rosy hues to come together. Or even take a cue from fall fruits like delicious apples, figs, and grapes to draw inspiration for a stunning fall wedding color combo. These rich earthy neutrals and near-pastels capture the magic of the fall season while feeling modern and trendy.

Let the season have a say when it comes to picking your floral arrangements! Along with fall florals, think of special add-ins like leaves, berries, and grasses to add instant cool-weather splendor.


Ashwood, Latte, Hazelnut, Cashmere, Ivory

Play with these colors

Grab a cup of coffee or hot cider, and cozy up to a fall color palette of warm beiges and romantic rust! With a delicious latte hue and ivory to rein it in, rust goes impeccably with the fall season. This understated citrusy combo unexpectedly comes together in the most beautiful way. It’s totally chic and rustic, conveying the harvest, coolness, and coziness of the fall season.

Through pretty colors, fancy fonts, and your favorite design elements, bring the beauty of autumn to your wedding stationery. With your custom touch, the design options are truly endless!


Soft Blush, Navy, Sea Mist, Custom Champagne

Play with these colors

Pretty pink meets dapper navy blue for a palette that exudes absolute romance! Setting an elegant, soft tone for a breezy summer day wedding, this chic color combo incorporates mellow neutral hues that create a flawless mix of pretty-meets-preppy. Whether a garden-boho or modern wedding style—​this palette offers timeless appeal and is dynamic across nearly any wedding theme. Plus navy suits and tuxes are still hot and sharp as ever, making this palette even easier to incorporate!

Lots of grooms are donning 3-piece fitted suits that work great as formalwear for the ceremony. When reception time comes, jackets can be removed and sleeves pushed up for a more relaxed look.


Coral, Pink Glass, Evergreen, Blue Fog, Custom Olive

Play with these colors

Pantone’s color of 2019 is “Living Coral!” Sweet as a sunset on a summer evening, coral offers depth that is simply intoxicating. Coral and light pink intertwined with organic greens and blues speak to backyard barbeques, summer peonies, or a walk through a cool foggy forest. Great for a late-spring or summer soirée, this palette creates a sense of whimsy freshness while still being ultra-sophisticated. It’s easy to set a romantic-meets-fresh tone with this summer color combo.

Cheers! For a different spin on a real “just married” statement, craft a signature cocktail or mocktail that is personalized to your style as a couple. It’s a fun way to elevate your reception and quench guests’ thirst.

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Pineapple, Ivy Green, Soft Blush

Play with these colors

Yellow! It’s the color of sunshine and sunflowers—​making it a happy choice for a hot summer celebration. Yellow comes in a variety of hues, but we are so enamored with a pineapple shade as a trendy upgrade to the sunny yellows we’re all used to. Add in a beautiful ivy green and soft pink for a romantic and free-spirited combo that is perfectly befitting for a country summer wedding … and one that will leave guests smiling.

Summer weddings are magically effortless and airy—​and part of their magic is vibrant colors! Create that kaleidoscope of color for the day by drawing inspiration from all the summer blooms that abound.


Green Willow, Celadon, Blonde, Peach, Lilac Mist

Play with these colors

Warm soft shades of greens and pastels are back again for summer, and this ethereal palette proves it. Green willow, soft celadon, warm yellow and peach, and delicate lilac purple together create a tranquil combination that’s easy on the eyes. This color combo no doubt evokes the dream-like quality of elegant summertime nuptials or intimate garden celebrations. A rural setting, shabby-chic décor, and delicate florals make for a great backdrop of this romantically relaxed palette.

Barely-there frosting is where it’s at, especially on hot and melty summer days! Naked cakes offer a texture and visual appeal that frosting can’t do on its own—​and they are still gorgeous and totally delicious.


Antique Sage, Pinor Noir, Soft Blush, Rainy Day, Greige

Play with these colors

Let’s take a little step back in time, shall we? A vintage medley of sage, pinks, powdery blue, and greige juxtapose together in a way that brings us back to days gone by. Light minty sage and greige are romantic neutrals that come to life when paired with warm and cool shades found in nature—​think blush peonies and a serene summer sky. This mellow combination is great across any summer wedding style, but especially one with antique flair!

For an updated and modern feel to the timeless vintage wedding trend, choose an urban venue. Then adorn it with vintage décor such as old-fashioned urns to hold over-sized arrangements of flowers.

Choose from over 70 colors—​or create custom colors for free!


Teal Waters, Antique Sage, Mint, Ivory

Play with these colors

The seaside on a breezy, hot summer day inspires a palette of a stunning jewel-toned teal balanced by super-cool neutrals. Modern, hip, and minimal, teal adds a unique and astounding punch of color to any summer wedding celebration! Bold and vivid, you don’t need much for a picture-perfect wedding adorned in teal. It definitely makes a big, yet approachable statement when accented by subtle greens and ivory. Like the rolling waves of the sea, this combo flows with beauty and sophistication.

Your invitations set the stage for your wedding, so remember the mood you want to evoke. Show it off and introduce it with a wedding invite that gives guests a glimpse at the theme and décor they can expect.


Antique Blue, Serene Sky, Parchment, Peach, Terracotta

Play with these colors

Ah yes, another palette inspired by the rolling waters of a coastal summer. Peaceful and dreamy, this color combo of blues and twilight sun tones captures the essence and magic of an approaching summer evening. Whether a waterside wedding or not, this fusion of color can be seamlessly incorporated through natural décor elements, fiery late-summer blooms, stylish glassware, and organic textures. There’s ample harmony in this cool-meets-warm color combo that will paint a picture-perfect serene summer wedding!

Photographing a summer wedding can be tricky. Find a space with shade to prevent squinting eyes (and sweat!). Many photographers agree that the hour or two timeframe before sunset is an ideal time for photos.


Blue Fog, Antique Blue, Clover Green

Play with these colors

You can almost feel the balmy breeze in the mountains with this cool, subdued color palette! Organic blues and foliage-based green together create a restful aura, guaranteed to surround a summer wedding in romance. This color palette is lovely across a variety of wedding themes, too! We love the elegant, outdoorsy, and slightly vintage ambiance of it—​but see these colors looking beautiful with modern wedding décor, too. Dress it up or down for magical wedded day bliss.

Many brides-to-be are opting to don fancy engagement photo dresses for their engagement shoots. An engagement photo dress is a great way to get in the mood and figure out your bridal style!


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