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2018 Wedding Color Trends

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Wedding Color Trends

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Chic Spring Color Schemes

Say Hello To Spring!
Add springtime glow with 8 radiant and sophisticated color palettes.

So Many Color Options
Choose from our extensive palette, or create your own custom color. Take your favorite palette and incorporate it into your wedding day attire and décor.

Color Is Our Craft
We make sure our color palettes are up-to-date and relevant each and every season!


Plumeria, Custom Tangerine,
Sugar, Custom Peach

Play with these colors

Pretty jewel tones like plumeria and rich peach make for a fiery and fun palette after the long winter! These saturated hues carry depth while meshing together to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Adding in a pretty neutral like sugar keeps it harmoniously sweet. Bold and dynamic, this palette offers just the right amount of drama and romance to desert, city, or boho wedding days alike!

Tulips are a fabulous flower choice for spring weddings! Not only are they in season (and therefore less expensive)—​their versatility enhances both elegant and casual venues.


Azalea, Custom Blue,
Custom Teal, Custom Gray

Play with these colors

Azalea is a hot pink that fires up the passions and empowers this otherwise breezy color palette. Pairing this lively pink shade with a sea glass teal adds in natural balance and whimsy. Keeping this color combo monochromatic with gray and blue-gray shades maintains a sophisticated aesthetic—​perfect for winter-into-spring weddings. There’s something so perfectly fresh about mixing hot pink with blues—​sort of a girl-meets-boy feel!

A mix of bright colors mesh perfectly for a modern wedding soiree! Add in playful typography and geometric patterns to complete your marvelously mod stationery look.

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Custom Navy, Cream Rose,
White, Custom Green

Play with these colors

This preppy-meets-pretty palette is both demure and romantic! Sleek and polished, deep navy has a long history of being a wedding color favorite, and it gets along splendidly with a soft rose and a deep eucalyptus green for a savvy spring wedding look. Whether an elegant, garden-boho, or classic wedding style—​this palette offers timeless appeal and is super dynamic across nearly any wedding theme.

A stylishly-designed square wedding program is perfect for a luxe wedding. Square wedding programs are modern, fun and come in a distinctive shape that’s great for elegant or contemporary services.


Classic Gray, Custom Green,
Custom Ivory, Custom Gray

Play with these colors

This moody, yet marvelous color combo is calming, fresh, and inspired by nature. Shades of green, simple ivory, and gray add dimension to make this palette endlessly adaptable to any style and budget—​especially boho weddings. Sage green speaks of spring, and is a romantic neutral that adds a bit of life to this otherwise neutral palette. Gentle and unassuming, this organic color palette is both natural and fresh!

Whether it’s for engagement or wedding day shoots, many couples today are getting their photos taken on a boat. There is something peaceful and magically romantic about “love boat” photos!


Sugar, Ashwood,
Custom Blue, Custom Teal

Play with these colors

Calm and dreamy, this color combo evokes the magic and soft light of the approaching twilight hours. Sandy neutrals and teal blues combine to create perfect harmony, while keeping the palette sophisticated and romantic. A neutral gentle palette like this does an ahh-mazing job at highlighting spring’s bright green grasses and budding flowers ... but more importantly the gorgeous couple. Rustic, classic, or traditional—​it’s a breath of fresh air!

Looking to go low key for your ceremony or reception music? Modern styles of acoustic guitar are definitely trendy and set a relaxed romantic tone for an unforgettable and unique wedding reception.

Choose from over 70 colors—​or create custom colors for free!


Peach, Custom Periwinkle,
Ivory, White

Play with these colors

Exquisite, relaxing, and just pretty. This pastel color combo speaks of classic elegance and breezy spring days. Peach is a trending modern color that beautifully pairs with nearly any soft spring hue, including periwinkle. This cool hue is certainly a spring favorite—​an invigorating shade that plays nicely with nearly any spring pastel. There’s no doubt about the sugary sweetness that emanates from this pretty peach and a light periwinkle color combo!

Create an elegant feel at your ceremony with an arch filled with peach peonies, garden roses, and dahlias. Dusty miller and white baby’s breath make for stunningly affordable filler options.


Custom Pink, Silver,
Custom Green, Cream Rose

Play with these colors

So chic and lovely! Shades of pink, silver, and green combine for a fresh take on modern whimsy. This ethereal palette most definitely emanates joy with its sweet berry hues and complementary tint of eucalyptus green. These colors bring sweeping graphics, playful elements, and unique florals to life effortlessly. It’s easy to set a romantic tone with this spritely spring color combo.

Romantic weddings are all about celebrating romance with muted colors, soft lighting, and ethereal details like cascading flowers. Add in thrifty china and flower crowns for a dash of whimsy.


Custom Blush, Custom Mauve,
Custom Beige, Custom Brown

Play with these colors

This mainly monochromatic combo has us thinking of an eyeshadow palette! With the variety of beige and mauve shades used, the dramatic tones combine to create the ultimate in elegance and perfect cohesion. With a swanky palette like this, every wedding day element is sure to be beautiful, slightly dramatic, and eye catching. From modern elegant to classic vintage wedding day styles, these colors juxtapose in the most dazzling way.

Since warm neutrals are easy on the eyes, add just a bit of glitter or shine in your wedding day accents or accessories to add a bit of life. Jewelry and centerpieces are great areas to start, but keep it to a minimum.

Summer Color Schemes

Summer Wedding Colors That Pack a Punch
8 exquisite color palettes for a delightful summer celebration.

So Many Color Options
Choose from our extensive palette, or create your own custom color. Take your favorite palette and incorporate it into your wedding day attire and décor.

Color Is Our Craft
We make sure our color palettes are up-to-date and relevant each and every season!


Carnation, Cream Rose,
Custom Gray, Celery

Play with these colors

Create an ultra-feminine summer palette with pretty pinks and minty green! This mellow combination is perfect across any wedding style. Add in gold and crisp whites to modernize the look, or delicate roses and lace for a vintage feel. For a warm summer soirée, a pink and green wedding color palette is flowing with beauty and class.

Shoes! Gone are the days of shoes that match the dress. Whether you’re donning sandals or comfy flats, add a colorful or trendy surprise to your wedding day ensemble with chic shoes.


Custom Teal, Lavender,
Turquoise, Gold

Play with these colors

Oh-so-delish is a color combo spangled with teal blues, lavender, and gold. Being close on the color wheel, these cool hues play together effortlessly and are definitely cotton-candy-sweet for a summer celebration! Warm gold adds in a splash of glamour, while still keeping the combo youthful and sugarcoated in sophistication.

You definitely don’t have to enlist a pro for yummy wedding cake or treats. Grab some girlfriends to DIY delicious cupcakes that show your colors and craftiness. And don’t forget the sprinkles!

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Silver, Plumeria,
Cream Rose, Marigold

Play with these colors

So boho-chic and definitely swoon worthy! The bohemian wedding trend isn't going anywhere, and the proof is in this effortless color palette of silver, warm yellow, plum, and pink. It’s romantic and full of free-spirited prettiness. Add sunshine to your big day … and bring smiles to friends and family with this carefree creative combo.

A bohemian wedding has a handmade look and feel—trimmed in lots of greenery, lace, and over-sized blooms. Pick wedding stationery with flowers, feathers, bunting, or lacy art to complete the look.


Custom Tan, Black,
Custom Gold, Sky

Play with these colors

Toes in the sand, waves crashing the shore, a warm summer breeze—this combo has us daydreaming of laying seaside! Sandy neutrals and watery sky blue combine to create a serene summer wedding day feel. Whether it’s seaside or in the city, guests will no doubt feel marvelously mellow as they relish in the loveliness of your day adorned in these hues.

If your wedding is lakeside or seaside, highlight the beautiful natural setting by not going overboard with décor. Take inspiration from the harmonious palette created by the sand, stones, and water.


Sunbeam, Custom Teal,
Scarlet, Custom Purple

Play with these colors

Summer is a time to bring on the color! And you can create nearly any color combo under the hot summer sun. Yellow and purple are complementary, making it a seamless choice for any wedding style. Add in a pretty punch of red and wavy blue-green for a modish palette that’s abounding in happiness, joy, and whimsical bliss.

Draw inspiration from summer blooms to create a kaleidoscope of color for your wedding day! There’s nothing more breathtaking in summer than vibrant multicolored bouquets and centerpieces.

Choose from over 70 colors—​or create custom colors for free!


Light Blue, White,
Custom Green, Flamingo

Play with these colors

Color us happy with this combo! A bold arrangement of bright blue, green, pink, and fresh white creates a feeling of sweet celebration on a sizzling summer day. It’s simple and far from boring—and it can easily be incorporated into a modern wedding celebration. Swanky and spirited, you might be surprised by the pretty possibilities of this peppy palette!

Show off your playful side with modern wedding stationery that features bold typography. And offer fun summery wedding favors—like sunglasses, soda, or s’mores kits—to keep with your festive feel!


Coral, Custom Peach,
Grecian, Ice

Play with these colors

Like the sunset or bowl of ripe melon, the depth of color of this palette is simply intoxicating! A coral hue and starry-night blue speak of summer sunsets, backyard parties, and relaxed evenings by the lake. Both bold tones pair with a corresponding lighter shade, creating an irresistibly earthy palette that is perfect for rustic and outdoor weddings.

For a nostalgic look to your wedding stationery, pair warm coral with darker cool hues, like navy blue. Or if you want a contemporary feel, pair coral with an airy cornflower blue to paint your perfect day.


White, Black,
Violet, Winter White

Play with these colors

Guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a soirée on a downtown rooftop as they’re surrounded by wedding décor of sleek silver, vivacious violet, black, and white. This non-stuffy, luxe palette is perfect to create a mod metropolitan-meets-retro ambiance. You can almost hear smooth jazz music notes filling the air and see the twinkle of string lights with this cool combo!

To get a lavish reception look on a modest décor budget, choose a venue with a lot of character of its own. Options include a library, zoo, museum, restaurant rooftop, botanical garden, or historical site.

Dazzling Winter
Color Schemes

Cozy up to 8 trendy and wondrous color palettes!

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Celebrate the season.

Your Wedding Colors
Start by choosing 1-2 primary colors that inspire you. Then add in 2-3 accent colors that are complementary, harmonious, or monochromatic.

Color is Our Thing
MagnetStreet guarantees color vibrancy and first-rate quality with our innovative digital printing equipment and techniques.


Sugar, Slate Brown
Custom Peach
Custom Beige

Play with these colors

Sugar is a sweet neutral with timeless appeal. Peaceful and classic, a mostly neutral palette of beiges with classic peach will never go out of style! Since these tones are easy on the eyes, adding a bit of shine in wedding day accents will add life.

Your ring will certainly add bling to your wedding day! Add more shine with sparkly shoes and stunning stud earrings.


Peach, Silver
Coral, Strawberry

Play with these colors

Peach ... oh-so-chic and versatile! This peaceful tone is pretty as pink, but cooler. The pink tones in peach get punchier when accented by sleek silver and vibrant coral. Adding a bold red to the mix also gives this a Valentine’s Day vibe.

Add rich-red cranberries to your bouquets to keep with a rustic and winter look. Plus, they will pop out beautifully in photos!

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Carnation, Latte
Custom Green, Sugar

Play with these colors

Refreshing, relaxing, and exquisite—​carnation pink and soft green are a perfect pairing for a vintage wedding theme. Pink is as sweet as sugar cookie frosting, and pops marvelously with cool eucalyptus green and beautiful brown adding natural flair.

Don’t be afraid to use pretty spring pink roses for your winter wedding! Pair them with sparkly fillers for perfect winter centerpieces.


Shale, Custom Blue
Custom Tan, Custom Brown

Play with these colors

Every wedding needs something blue! Slate blue with dusty blue is perfect, beautiful, and subtle. It has us thinking of cool and crisp winter skies, but brown tones add warmth. This unique combo speaks of snowy skies, pinecone dreams, and a cozy mountain retreat!

Deliver this stunning color combo with formal invitations and classic natural décor accents that will wow your guests.


Custom Green, Blush
Sugar, Ashwood

Play with these colors

A soft sage green with a dash of mint added makes for a super dreamy shade! Weaving it with romantic blush pink and chic neutrals gives it a bit of feminine balance. Vintage and whimsical—​this happily-ever-after combo is perfect for all the romantics out there.

Mountain peaks, vast forests, pristine lakes, and green eucalyptus makes for a dramatic northern or southern winter wedding backdrop.

Choose from over 70 colors—​or create custom colors for free!


Marigold, Slate
Ashwood, Custom Green

Play with these colors

Fresh from a country garden, marigold adds warmth and sunshine to the cold winter months. It’s airy, cheery, and so exquisite! Delicate green and classic shades of brown added keeps the palette overall soothing, natural—and even a bit vintage.

Remember your wedding cake provides a delicious opportunity to incorporate your wedding colors! A little, or a lot ... have fun with it.


Strawberry, Ivory
Navy, Silver

Play with these colors

Strawberry makes a stunning statement and adds instant life to this otherwise frosty blue color combo. Red, navy, and ivory is a lovely combination of warm and cool. Plus, it’s fun to sprinkle in a bit of a romantic summer vibe with these patriotic hues!

Already know your wedding colors way ahead of the big day? Get in the big-day mood by using them in your engagement photos.


Chocolate, White
Latte, Custom Blue

Play with these colors

Silky chocolate brown is so deliciously sweet! It’s easy to incorporate such a classic hue with rich latte, gentle blue, and crisp snowy white for your winter wedding. Dress it up or down—​you can’t go wrong with a dreamy, snowy pinecone-inspired palette.

Create an enchanting winter wonderland reception with wintry-inspired décor of pinecones, evergreens, and frosted glass.

Fall Wedding
Color Trends

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Celebrate the season.

Swoon-worthy Autumn Color Combos
Fall head over heels with 8 fresh and ultra-trendy color palettes!

Your Wedding Colors
Start by choosing 1-2 primary colors that inspire you. Then add in 2-3 accent colors that are complementary, harmonious, or monochromatic.

Color is Our Thing
MagnetStreet guarantees color vibrancy and first-rate quality with our innovative digital printing equipment and techniques.


Lime, Ocean
Sugar, Custom Tan

Play with these colors

A fresh spin on typical rustic, lime green and sky blue adds a burst of energy. Two soft tan tones balance it out and create an overall ethereal ambiance ... so dreamy! No matter where your fall wedding takes place, this natural palette is perfect to paint your dream day.

Get guests to save your date with a photo design that pops and plays into with your wedding colors.


Grecian, Teaberry
Raspberry, Classic Gray

Play with these colors

Modern totally meets elegant preppy with this combo! A stunningly soft pink (inspired by one of Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year) and cheery blue are a match made in heaven. Gentle pink conveys compassion, serene blue adds a cool regal touch, and a dash of magenta adds sophisticated flair.

Share your love of blue across your invites and programs! Illustrations are a hot look for stationery and this regal blue is a sweet addition for your fall palette.

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Eggplant, White
Custom Blue, Custom Green

Play with these colors

This palette is the perfect combo for the couple who wants a sophisticated {and not stuffy} wedding look. The cool eggplant and icy blue tones are unexpected, but stunning! Cool tones look smart when paired like this, and really create an overall glamorous feel.

Mix and match your wedding stationery with tints from your favorite hue for an unforgettable and well-rounded look.


Burgundy, Hunter
Ivory, Custom Brown

Play with these colors

Deep jewel tones are perfect for when the trees are still green and the days warm, and the nights are cool ... simply perfect for autumn weddings! A stunning burgundy and hunter green hint at the holidays ahead, with warm neutrals keeping it grounded in nature.

If you do favor the chic rustic look for your fall wedding, play up the theme with accents like maple leaves, pinecones, cranberries, greenery, and wheat.


Orange, Classic Yellow
Gold, Burgundy

Play with these colors

Orange is quite an unexpected wedding color, but you cannot go wrong when it is paired so deliciously like this. The warmth and richness of spicy orange combined with warm yellows is fun and festive, while a pop of burgundy keep this combo from being too 1980s-kitchen retro.

Color is in! Share your flair and set the mood across your wedding stationery through your favorite tones and tints.

Choose from over 70 colors—​or create custom colors for free!


Coral, Sugar
Custom Green, Slate

Play with these colors

All kinds of unexpected prettiness ... this bright mix of coral and green is elegant, gorgeous, and romantic! Incorporating a touch of beige and sleek grey adds a clean and crisp touch, making it perfect for modern or vintage wedding day affairs alike.

One sure way to put a fashionable spin on your stationery suite for that couture look and feel, is to pair your design with a contemporary color and a lavish paper like luxe pearl.


Orchid, Peach
Celery, Violet

Play with these colors

Orchid is lovely and feminine without being overly sweet and girly. And it pairs so well with delicate peaches and greens, giving it a warm and romantic edge. Full of whimsy and just a touch of rustic flair, this soft palette is perfectly luxe.

Simple design elements on your wedding stationery keep this palette looking romantic yet elegant.


Ashwood, Custom Pink
Slate, Custom Blue

Play with these colors

The classic combo of pink and brown has gotten a freshly chic makeover with this lucky-in-love combo. From weddings that are burlap-infused rustic to romantic French chateau, you can’t go wrong with this pairing of pink and brown with rich slate and icy blue!

Bold and striking fonts are a perfect way to showcase your style on your wedding stationery pieces. From scripty to modern, there are so many options!