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Wedding Invitation Assembly

Assembling Your Invitation Ensemble

For a pristine presentation, follow these easy steps for assembling your wedding invitations.

  • Position the envelope so that you are looking at the backside. You will be looking at the flap.
  • Insert your invitation. Left edge or folded edge goes in first.
  • Accessory stationery items are placed in the same direction as your invitation—​with the smallest in size on top.
  • Place RSVP on very top. If there is an RSVP envelope, tuck the RSVP Card into the envelope flap.
  • Optional: placing your accessory items within your folded invitation.


  • Save time and pre-stamp if you are using an RSVP envelope.
  • Stuff your envelopes in quantities of 25. Count out your stationery items into piles to ensure you don’t miss anything. Seal after they’re all stuffed.