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Poems & Quotes for your wedding

From funny to gushy, choose a quote (or quotes) that fits your personalities and wedding style. Not just for your Wedding Stationery—​get creative with those quotes, poems and sayings.

From DIY signs to Favor Tags, fun and romantic messaging can be added anywhere that your guests will be. Browse through the many quotes and poems to find your faves!

Traditional Wedding Quotes

Traditional Wedding Quotes

Sharing a traditional wedding quote with your guests is a wonderful way to incorporate a deep sentiment or add meaningful expression to your wedding day.

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Funny Wedding Quotes

Funny Wedding Quotes

Marriage is a laughing matter! Set the tone and put a smile on everyone’s face with a funny wedding quote, saying or proverb.

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Unique Wedding Quotes

Unique Wedding Quotes

You’ve got a distinctive style! Share your flair with a unique wedding quote that speaks to the tone and expresses your personality.

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Modern Wedding Quotes

Modern Wedding Quotes

Contemporary all the way—​from the hottest hues to the latest trends. Reflect your fashionable style with a modern wedding quote.

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Love Quotes

Love Quotes

Show your love with a charming quote, or display your favorite love quote at your wedding reception!

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