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The Etiquette of Writing Thank Yous

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On Writing Thank Yous

A handwritten Thank You note is a timeless gesture and a wonderful way to truly personalize your gratitude. It tells guests—​you have time for them and that they are important!

When to Send a Thank You
As soon as possible—​typically within 2 weeks of receiving the gift and up to 1 month after the honeymoon.

What to Say in a Thank You
Mention the gift and perhaps how you will use it. Acknowledge any special effort on the part of the giver. If the gift came damaged, try to take care of the problem with the store yourself {if possible}.

Thank You Wording Sample:
Dear Aunt Judy,
It was wonderful that you could come to our wedding all the way from Florida. It was great to see you! Thanks you so much for the espresso maker—​it’s perfect! We’ll think of you every morning as we get our day started.
Rick and Ellen


  • Keep record of who gave what {use your guest list}
  • Find a comfortable place to write
  • Use a high quality pen
  • Write a certain amount of Thank Yous each day.


  • Coordinate your Thank Yous with the rest of your wedding stationery
  • Consider special “Thank Yous” to your wedding party, parents, clergy, outstanding vendors
  • Order extras in lieu of mistakes and for personal stationery