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Wedding Stationery Trends

Modern weddings are a celebration of personal style. And while making a stylish statement is all about you, it’s also exciting to see runway trends making their way onto wedding stationery.

Love Your Style

A pop of high fashion here and there, will help keep your wedding stationery fresh and fashionable. From photos to florals—​here are 10 great stationery looks.

  1. Hottest Hues
  2. Bohemian Chic
  3. Simple Sophistication
  4. Natural & Organic
  5. Pretty Display
  6. Themed Motif
  7. Botanical Beauty
  8. Formal Elegance
  9. Statement Photos
10. Paper Story

Hottest Hues

Pantone’s “Color of the YearMarsala, is a natural stage setter for rustic weddings. Also on trend are the blues—​especially Sky and Navy. Metallics are hot and copper is making a comeback. And, we’re swooning over pastels for spring and summer.

Get your Save the Date and Wedding Invitation in any colors you want! Let your fave hues and wedding season be your guide for your big day.

Be confident in your color scheme—​request (free) Stationery Samples—​personalized in your colors!.

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Bohemian Chic

Reminiscent of the free-spirited 70’s, and without worry over social convention, a bohemian look is perfect for artistic and laid-back wedding styles. From attire to décor, the pretty never ends and it’s full of personalized details.

Hallmarks of this enduring style trend include: a rustic locale, free flowing attire, feathers, and floral crowns.

Set the tone of your boho style on rustic chic wedding stationery. Perfect for this look and feel are watercolor washes, ombré and floral inspired designs on richly textured specialty paper.

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Simple Sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So true—​the beauty of this wedding trend lies in clean lines, unassuming design and an understated look. Fashionable attire for this style includes illusion necklines, over the shoulder gowns, and venues with low-key glamor.

Love the idea of a simple yet sophisticated look? Express your love for the unfussy with wedding stationery that shares your preference for modern minimalism. Bring an air of elegance to your suite by pairing a sleek design with a classic font.

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Natural & Organic

Naturally beautiful, this trend testifies to the beauty of the great outdoors and all things artistic and eco-friendly.

This design aesthetic loves handcrafted touches, homegrown edible favors, and DIY décor. Farm to table receptions with locally grown organic food is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon.

A few ideas for extending a naturally organic feel throughout your suite include the rustic look of Kraft paper, watercolor and chalkboard style designs.

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Pretty Display

You’ve heard that it’s better to give than to receive. It’s true—​there’s a sweet interaction and emotional bonding that occurs when we gift each other. This idea is being translated in weddings as couples are putting a gift-like spin on their invitation suites, place settings, and favors.

Need ideas? Put your favors in a decorative gift box or bag. Wrap your invitation suite in baker’s twine, ribbon, or lace. Reinvent a wedding envelope with a fanciful liner, or turn a simple place setting into a dazzling presentation—​with a unique napkin fold and an herb sprig tucked within.

Tie your wedding look together and get an emotional reaction from your guests at the same time.

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Themed Motif

As practical as it is trendy, using a motif across your stationery suite is a smart way to keep a cohesive look and feel—​especially for destination and themed weddings!

Whether it’s your monogram or a beloved style element that depicts your destination, carry your motif across your wedding stationery items.

On trend style treatments for wedding stationery looks include: whimsical floral designs, feathers, and uniquely designed monograms.

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Botanical Beauty

Florals are a major player in the wedding look and are always trending!

Blooming are peonies, roses and hydrangeas. What else? Hanging florals and flower hair crowns are all the rage—​from big and blossomy to modest and minimal. Romantic pastels are superb for spring and summer and floral décor for woodland weddings include wildflowers and herb centerpieces.

Carrying this trend across your wedding stationery suite will be like a delightful walk in the park. Pick from artisan designs, watercolor effects and whimsical graphic florals.

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Formal Elegance

Returning to an earlier time of posh and elegance, a formal wedding is on the rise. This fresh take on formality includes extravagant attire, a stately venue and lavish details. Ceremonial yes—​stuffy, no! Don your tiara and ball gown but don’t forget your cocktail dress for the after party!

For a modern classic stationery suite, think elegant scripts married to sans serif fonts—​personalized in charcoal or gray.

Another way to further personalize your stationery is with a regal monogram or an onamental design pattern such as filigree, delft or damask.

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Statement Photos

It’s all about showcasing your style and personality through visual storytelling. Whether you’re playing with props, having a chalk war in the backyard, or dolling up and going downtown for an uber-urban shoot, make a statement with photos that echo with your style and spark.

Where to begin? Browse Photo Save the Date designs before your engagement session. Share your favorites with your photographer so that you will all be on the same page—​with more focus as to which poses you’d like to capture.

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Paper Story

The first official peek into your wedding style is through your wedding invitation—​and the specialty paper it’s printed on!

Choose just the right paper to complement your invite design and wow your guests. From a silky smooth eggshell finish, to one that’s richly textured and thick, offer your guests a tactile experience.

Which paper type is hot and trending this year? Luxe Pearl—​a shimmering paper that resonates with elegance and style!

You’ve Got Style

Personalize any design in your colors to reflect your scheme and style.

Hello Fashion

We Love You on Paper!

Modern weddings are a celebration of personal style. And while making a stylish statement is all about you, it’s also exciting to see runway trends making their way onto wedding stationery.

A dab of pop culture here, and a pop of high fashion there, will help to keep your wedding stationery fresh, fun and fashionable. From patterns to papers—​here are 10 new stationery looks for 2014.

1. Color Crave
2. Vintage Romance
3. Decorative Patterns
4. Upscaled Rustic
5. Finishing Touches
6. Graphic Motifs
7. Lush Florals
8. Classic Elegance
9. Dramatic Photo
10. Bespoke Papers

Color Crave

Color your wedding! Gorgeous and totally on trend are blush, blue and gold colored wedding gowns this year. And, Radiant Orchid is Pantone®’s “Color of the Year.”

Being a key design element, your wedding colors are intensely personal and hugely important. Colors set the mood and signify the season—​so go for the hues that make your heart sing. Personalize your Save the Date and Wedding Invitation in any colors you want!

Personalize your Save the Dates Personalize your Invitations

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Vintage Romance

Imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery and in 2014, many wedding couples will be looking to Old Hollywood, love songs, and historical venues as sources of inspiration for their vintage look and feel.

Making a nostalgic style statement while telling your modern day love story is an exciting challenge but worth every effort.

Think lavish. Think romantic. Celebrate your vintage glam style with luxuriant color schemes, classic attire, ornate elements and gilded accents—​iconic of the era.

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Decorative Patterns

A simple way to keep your wedding stationery looking sharp and contemporary is through a pretty pattern that you can carry across your suite. Vogue patterns for 2014 include bold stripes, playful dots, delicate damasks, as well as tribal, and ombre designs. Stylish and vivid patterns add dimension and bring visual interest to your printed stationery and overall wedding look.

No need to be committed to just one pattern either—​mix it up! Carry your favorite combo across your attire, décor, and stationery items for a fun variation of your wedding style.

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Upscaled Rustic

The rustic wedding style is still very strong, and in 2014, countryside chic will take on a new level of elegance and sophistication. We’ll definitely see a rise in verdant florals, classier DIY touches, and woodland venue settings.

Chandeliers, swanky outdoor seating, and cascading greenery are a few of the chosen trimmings for these rustic refined affairs. Set the tone and celebrate your pretty pastoral style on elegant wedding stationery, personalized in your rustic color scheme.

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Finishing Touches

Accessories make the outfit—​and complete the suite, too! Super personalizing your wedding—​from the dress hanger and cake topper, to your wedding invitation suite is fashionable and popular! One highly effective way of “dressing up“ your suite is by embellishing it with stylish finishing touches to add color, depth, and personality to your invitations and overall look.

Imagine your Invitation overlaid with sheer Vellum or veiled in a personalized Holder. And a simple wedding envelope will be transformed with a personalized Liner, Labels & Seals.

Super personalized touches will give your suite the debut it deserves.

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Graphic Motifs

Using a graphic motif across your wedding immediately brands your look and is a fun expression of your personal style. Do you have a certain look, style or destination you want your guests to identity your wedding with? Express it with a special design motif that you carry across your wedding stationery. What will we see in 2014?

On trend graphic motifs include: gold leaves, laurel wreaths, banners and chalkboard signs, as well as marquee-style monograms.

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Lush Florals

Flowers are always on trend—​no surprise there! But wedding florals are always sprouting new looks, and for 2014, botanicals are taking on a newer, more luxuriant look. From oversized and blossomy, to woodland and otherworldly, we’re talking more romantic and showy than ever.

Translate this trend by personalizing your floral-themed stationery to match your wedding colors.

Let those cascading blooms create a graceful, flowing look throughout your stationery suite.

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Classic Elegance

We’ll see a resurgence in the classic wedding style this year. Unfussy and embodying a sense of tradition, a classic style has a certain elegance and sophistication to it. From attire to stationery, this is a look that renders beautifully and many couples will be putting their own modern spin on it in 2014.

Filigree and damask patterning, monograms, lace, and elegant flourishes are design elements you’ll see on classic wedding stationery. Personalize yours with simple typography and an understated color scheme for a timeless wedding look.

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Dramatic Photo

A gorgeous look for your Save the Date—​for 2014 and beyond!

One sweet trend taking the newly engaged by storm, is using one large engagement photo and overlaying it with opaque text.

With this evocative style trend in mind, try personalizing your Save the Date with an expressive font and just the right photo. If needed, ask your photographer for help in choosing the best photo.

This trendy Save the Date look brings all the attention on the two of you and your wedding date—​making for a bold and impressive wedding announcement.

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Bespoke Papers

We love paper ... to see it, touch it, and interact with it!

Matching your wedding style and design with the right paper type is a popular option and a powerful way of engaging guests with the details of your big day! Not only beautiful to see and touch, the right paper is the foundation of your design—​helping to set the tone and solidify your look.

MagnetStreet offers four impressive paper types. Choose the shimmering metallic finish for trendy designs and the distinctly textured for earthy, artistic designs. Photos and bold colors look rich and clear on lightly textured papers, while the smooth matte paper is perfect for all colors, skin tones, and backgrounds.

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